Re-Elect Amanda Fritz

Re-Elect Amanda Fritz

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Thank you, Portlanders, for re-electing me to a third term in service as your City Commissioner!  I will continue to work hard in pursuit of our shared goals.

 Since Portlanders re-elected me in 2012, I have continued my work as a primary advocate of fiscal responsibility, equity, community involvement, and common sense on the Portland City Council.  I led the Council in passing Paid Sick Leave in Portland, which prompted passage of a ground-breaking statewide law that includes farm workers and protects Portland employees even more than the state regulations; the Fix Our Parks Bond providing $68 million in funding for crucial repairs and ADA upgrades in our public parks; and prioritizing spending on infrastructure maintenance, so that at least half of “surplus” money in the City budget is dedicated to basic repairs in transportation, parks, and emergency management.  I work hard to be your voice on the Portland CityCouncil, by listening and responding to community concerns.  I’ve personally read and answered over 25,000 emails from constituents since January 2013. When considering votes on the City Council and actions within my assigned bureaus, I always evaluate, “who pays, who benefits, and is that fair?”  When evaluating the City Budget, I consider the question, “What services do Portlanders want to buy, and how do we want to pay for them?”

For more in-depth information, please listen to my interview on Xray-FM radio broadcast on 5/9/16, covering issues important to Portlanders including the housing crisis, my work for the past three years, and my hopes for the next four — click here.  Or a shorter six minute version on Oregon Public Broadcasting, click here.

I’ve worked hard for you since 2012, following on from my first term.  I continue to be a leader on the Council, actively finding practical, fiscally-responsible solutions as Portland recovers from the recession.

I am the only 2016 candidate for City Council to have won all five major newspaper endorsements.

The Oregonian said in their 4/23/16 endorsement, “As arguably the most consistently principled member of the council….  Fritz holds up as the leader who promises to get the most done at a time that Portland needs it most. Voters should return her to the council for another term.”

The Mercury‘s 4/27/16 endorsement said, ” ..she’s an uncompromising voice on council. She’s less interested in politics and deal-making than speaking and voting her conscience, as she’s done with increasing conviction (to our delight)”

The Tribune‘s endorsement on 4/28/16 notes, “Fritz has the right credentials for the job. She has enormous grassroots support and a clear desire to help Portland…. we encourage voters to give Amanda Fritz four more years on the Portland City Council.”

The Skanner endorses me too, saying on 5/3/16, “Amanda Fritz is her own person. She listens carefully then makes her best decision on issues. This is a quality that sets her apart, and it is one we admire, even though we may not always agree with her decisions. Fritz is good for the city, and we hope she will continue taking the measured, long-term perspective on issues that adds strength to the city council.”

And Willamette Week endorsed me on 5/4/16, writing, “Fritz enjoys popularity in Portland, and for good reason. She watches the city’s budget like a mama bear guards her cubs, and in her current term helped establish an independent budget office, freeing it from layers of bureaucracy that obscured its decision-making. She has insisted that City Hall fund priorities such as street maintenance before pet projects. But on initiatives that speak to Portland voters’ liberal values, she’s willing to make new financial commitments. She pushed paid parental leave for city workers in 2015 as a follow-up to her successful 2013 initiative mandating paid sick leave at private businesses.  …. We think voters should keep her around.”

Why I’m running for re-election:

For seven years, I’ve dedicated my life to serving Portlanders as your City Commissioner. I ask for your vote in 2016 in recognition of my record of proven leadership and results, doing what I said I would do when Portlanders first elected me in 2008 — prioritizing basic services, and spending taxpayers’ money wisely.

As a retired Registered Nurse who raised three children going through the Portland Public Schools system, Portland Community College and Oregon and private universities, I know the challenges that face working families.  See My Record and News pages to read about some of the things I’ve accomplished with you and for you since 2012.

Identifying problems is easy – the challenges we need to address are obvious. Collaborating with multiple community partners and other elected officials is hard.  I’ve learned how to get stuff done, producing measurable results for Portlanders.

I want to keep working for you in City Hall.  Here’s a 30 second video on why:

My priorities for the next four years:

  • Providing basic services to all Portlanders, especially those in historically-disadvantaged areas such as East Portland, and people from communities that haven’t always had a seat at the table. This past year, I led the Council in adopting Binding City Policy directing investment of “surplus” money to be dedicated to infrastructure maintenance of existing City assets, before spending on new projects.  I want to continue to oversee implementation of the Fix Our Parks bond measure, which provides urgent repairs, not fancy new facilities. I know exactly what was promised to neighbors all over our city, and I will make sure the Parks bond-funded projects are completed as quickly as possible and on budget.
  • Changing policies and practices so that all Portlanders are treated fairly and respectfully by police officers, while improving public safety for all.   All members of Council are responsible for implementing the Department of Justice Settlement Agreement requiring the City to correct disparate use of force by police against people experiencing mental health challenges. Using my 26 years’ experience in my career as a Registered Nurse in inpatient psychiatry, I helped write and begin implementation of the Settlement Agreement. I am uniquely qualified to continue this vital work.
  • Collaboration and communication, both with other members of the Council and with Portland’s varied, wonderful communities. The Portland City Council works best when each member takes responsibility for his/her assigned bureaus, and also ensures that colleagues and community members are engaged in development of broader policy in a meaningful manner. That’s what I do.  I led the Council in passing Paid Sick Leave, and opposing dangerous coal and oil transportation through Portland’s neighborhoods.  I helped to protect West Hayden Island from development, and to stop the Pembina propane terminal.  I have been the leader on policies supporting seniors, families, people experiencing disabilities, and immigrants and refugees.  We are all in this life together. We must support each other.

Please read on – check my Record, learn more About Amanda, Contact me for more information, add your name to the Supporters page.  If you appreciate what I do for Portland, please go to the Contribute or Volunteer page, to make a donation of money and/or volunteer time to help me win re-election.

Thank you for your consideration.  I will greatly appreciate and work hard to honor your vote.