Great Campaign Kick-Off!

Many thanks to everyone who packed Pacific Pie Company on SE 7th for our Campaign Kickoff on Thursday 1/21/16!

Special props to Storm Large and Scott Weddle, who revised our 2012 campaign performance at Candidates Gone Wild with their latest version of Abba’s classic turned into “Amanda”.  I am blessed to have the support of so many superstars, creative people, and stalwart community members in Portland.

We have raised over $2,500 so far, thanks to 25 donors.  In the next few days, I expect to turn in my filing petitions to the City Auditor with over 100 signatures collected in less than one week.  Dozens signed at the kick-off, and enthusiastic volunteers collected the rest this weekend.

I interviewed for the American Federation of State, Municipal and County Employees (AFSCME) endorsement right after the kickoff event.  Their membership vote is this Tuesday, which is also the date of the first candidate forum of the season.  More on that tomorrow.

I am posting the initial list of endorsers to my Supporters page tonight.  It represents the first wave of early endorsements, with confirmation of others in progress.  If your name is not on it, and you’d like to be listed, please email Terri.

Thank you so much for giving me your interest and support.

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