Thank you mailing volunteers!

We had a great turnout of dedicated volunteers on Saturday – and with great success!  We hand-addressed almost 1,000 letters and sent them to our wonderful list of supporters.  We’re looking forward to hearing back soon, and raising much needed funds for the campaign.

mailing party_more mailing party_all mailing party_kids amanda and luke

Did you know that Portland City Commissioners are elected at-large, with approximately 350,000 voters marking their ballots? With only a two and half months left in the primary race, we are ramping up our campaign quickly, and campaign expenses are unavoidable. This beautiful web site, cost $1,900. The Voters’ Pamphlet statements – due in just about 2 weeks – total $450. Printing costs for campaign materials from Hollywood Impress, a Portland company with union workers, so far cost $970.

Every contribution, both small and large, are hugely appreciated and really make a difference in our grassroots campaign.  Please visit our ‘Contribute’ page above and help Amanda win the May 17 primary election!

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