Many elected officials and community leaders have pledged confidence in my record, skills, and demonstrated commitment to serving the people of Portland.  Every Portlander is important to me, whether you are a “brand name” person or not.

I am endorsed by The Oregonian, whose Editorial Board wrote, “she has shown informed leadership on the subject of homelessness and shows appreciation that Portland will be facing one of the largest environmental cleanups ever, in Portland Harbor”. Both of these issues will continue to be hugely important over the next four years.  I want to keep working on them.

I also won The Portland Mercury‘s endorsement, in which they said, “Fritz is a far bigger part of the solution than the problem—probably one reason she didn’t see many challengers until just before the deadline to file for candidacy.   There’s a lot we could talk about: Fritz has been a supporter in forming rational, compassionate responses to the homelessness crisis, and a champion for finding Right 2 Dream Too a new home. She worked with Hales to enact strong stances against fossil fuel activity in the city. She’s ensured that half of Portland’s surplus budget cash goes toward necessary maintenance—not flashy trinkets, as has been the case in the past.”  I especially appreciate the endorsement of The Mercury, whose reporters work hard to provide accurate information without “gotcha” journalism. They have endorsed me in every campaign since my first in 2006.

In contrast, this is the first time I have won the Portland Tribune‘s endorsement. Their endorsement on 4/28/16 notes, “Fritz has the right credentials for the job. She has enormous grassroots support and a clear desire to help Portland…. we encourage voters to give Amanda Fritz four more years on the Portland City Council.”  I am grateful for the recognition that I am the best candidate for the job.

Once again, I earned the coveted endorsement of The Skanner, whose publisher Mr. Bernie Foster wrote, “Fritz is good for the city, and we hope she will continue taking the measured, long-term perspective on issues that adds strength to the city council.”

And the endorsement of Willamette Week on 5/4/16 completes a rare sweep of all the major newspaper endorsements.  Willamette Week noted, “… her unyielding insistence that Uber be held to a higher standard in Portland on issues of passenger safety showed integrity and commitment to the public against Silicon Valley muscle.  ….  We think voters should keep her around.”

No other candidate for the Portland City Council or the Multnomah County Commission has won all five major newspaper endorsements in this primary. Each of the newspapers has its own ideology and political perspective.  All five major newspaper editorial boards support my re-election.  I ask you to do so, too.

I am happy to have received the Green Light from the Basic Rights Oregon Equality PAC.

More of my wonderful supporters:

United States Senator Jeff Merkley

Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury

Former Multnomah County Chair Marissa Madrigal

Former Multnomah County Chair Ted Wheeler

Mayor Charlie Hales

Former Mayor Sam Adams

Former Mayor Tom Potter

Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish

Former City Commissioner Mike Lindberg

Multnomah County Commissioner Loretta Smith

House Speaker Tina Kotek

State Representative Lew Frederick

State Representative Alissa Keny-Guyer

State Representative Ann Lininger

State Representative Jessica Vega Pederson, candidate for Multnomah County Commission District 3

State Senator Diane Rosenbaum

State Senator Michael Dembrow

State Senator Rod Monroe

Former State Senator Avel Gordly

Former State Senator Jackie Dingfelder

Stephen Marc Beaudoin, Vice Chair, Multnomah Education Service District board of directors

Terri Preeg Riggsby, Chair, West Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District board

Dr. Sharon Meieran, candidate for Multnomah County Commission District 1

The Mother PAC

United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 555

Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 7901

Oregon Nurses Association

Portland Association of Teachers

American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 189

Northwest Oregon Labor Council

Carpenters Local 1503

Professional and Technical Employees Local 17, representing City of Portland Professional Employees Association

Laborers Local 483

Portland Firefighters IAFF Local 43

Teamsters Joint Council 37

Oregon State Council for Retired Citizens

Oregon Working Families Party

Oregon League of Conservation Voters

Sierra Club

Some statements from supporters:

We love you in Portlandia! We need somebody who is tough, and yet as gentle as a kiss.  If you want me to campaign again, I’m here, my friend Amanda.

Storm Large, Portland entertainment rock star and mental health care advocate

I endorse Commissioner Amanda Fritz in her re-election to the City Council.  I value her independence and outspoken advocacy for the values which are the essence of Portland.  She is true to her conscience and unwavering in her support of those who might have a challenge in having their voice heard.

Mike Lindberg, former City Commissioner

Amanda has been a strong and steady voice for the health of our community and our environment. She emerged from the grassroots and has never lost her connection with the grassroots. Amanda has set a standard in Portland for leading based on principle rather than politics.

Bob Sallinger, Conservation Activist

Commissioner Fritz has a very keen sense of the issues surrounding Portland communities. Her approach is honest and insightful. I have seen first hand the knowledge and work of her vision for a better Portland. As a member of the Veterans Community, I am proud to say we (Veterans) embrace Amanda and her values. I endorse Commissioner Amanda Fritz for reelection to the City of Portland Council.

Tony Stacy, United States military veteran and veterans’ advocate

Amanda is a principled leader, and a voice for justice and fairness for every single Portlander. As an advocate for people who experience disabilities, for students so often left behind, and for the arts and creative expression, I know I can count on Amanda to be there for every member of our community.

Stephen Marc Beaudoin, Vice Chair, Multnomah Education Service District board of directors, nonprofit executive, community leader, advocate

I wholeheartedly support Amanda Fritz. Portland needs a people’s advocate.

Mark Sturbois, retired Communications Workers of America union member

Amanda is an ethical, compassionate, transparent, non-corrupt,non-back-patting council member. She is a brave, brave woman, and she’ll always have my vote of confidence.

Wynde Dyer, Artist, Activist, Cab Driver

I don’t always agree with Amanda, but I do support and endorse Amanda Fritz for Portland City Council. I know that Amanda bases her decisions on what is best for the people of Portland. I endorse and support Amanda Fritz, even when we disagree.

Robert Wilson, Northwest Portland

I admire Amanda’a work on the Council and her commitment to watching how $$ are spent when proposals come up, and her concerns for the homeless and the parks and the other things that she works on.  Her efforts to put some porta-potties along the Springwater trail and in some other locations last year when there has been opposition to necessary and basic items like that…..I believe to be commendable.

Dick Wegner, NW Portland

I have tremendous respect for Amanda. She always gives the most intelligent, well-thought out reasons for her decisions. Sometimes, when she votes against my wishes, I even find myself reconsidering my own position on the issues. That never happens with any other politician. EVER. Bringing intelligent discourse to the political theater is something I can get behind.

Greg Haines, NE Portland

Over the last 30 years of being around elected officials there are few diamonds in the rough to be found, I have found one in Amanda, she stands tall for what she believes and those beliefs echo her constituents. Amanda is a sound voice on a council that needs her desperately. Vote for a diamond, vote Amanda.
Darin Campbell, State Lobbyist for Radio Cab, Candidate for Oregon House District 27
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Adam Grimshaw

Ali Grimshaw

Alida O’Neill

Alissa Keny-Guyer

Amreet Sandhu

Andrea Paluso

Ann Lininger

Ann Van Fleet

Anne McLaughlin

Annette White-Parks

Antoinette Hatfield

Avel Gordly

Barbara Surovell

Bear Wilner-Nugent

Becky Whitney

Bob Sallinger

Brenda Morris

Bruce Dennis

Carol Cushman

Carolyn Buhl

Cathleen Humble

Charles McCarthy

Charles Needles

Charlie Hales

Chiquita Rollins

Christine Lorenz

Cormac Burke

Dan Rohlf

Dante James

Darice Robinson

Dave Johnston

David Bean

David Delk

David Gens

Dawn Smallman

Deborah Kafoury

Delilah Jones

Diane Rosenbaum

Dick Springer

Dick Wegner

Diego Hernandez

Dixie Johnston

Dominic Kukla

Doreen Crail

Doretta Schrock

Edward Fritz

Edward McSheehy

Elizabeth Blenz-Clucas

Ellen Ino

Elsa Porter

Emily Fritz

Emily Newberry

Emily Robins Christensen

Fred Sanchez

Gary Banker

Gerald Fox







Glenn Bridger

Greg Haines

Gwen Luhta

Harold Pollin

Heidi Fox

Ian Timm

Jackie Dingfelder

Janice Sakofsky

Jean Robins

Jeff Merkley

Josefina Salma Akmad

Judy Henderson

Karen Bridger

Ken Cropper

James Fairchild

James Ofsink

Jan Wyers

Jay Robinson

Jeremy O’Leary

Jessica Robins

Jessica Vega Pederson

Jim Robison

Joan Horton

John Laursen

John Morris

Kristin Watkins

Larry Naito

Lee Buhler

Leland Larson

Lew Frederick

Linda Robinson

Lisa Hooke

Loretta Smith

Lori Kordosky

Marianne Fitzgerald

Marissa Madrigal

Mark Bello

Mark Sturbois

Mary Francillon

Mary Nichols-Horton

Mary Sekerka

Mary Sorteberg, R.N.

Matt Whitney

Merilee Karr

Michael Dembrow

Michael James Verbout

Michaelene Wilcox

Michele Glazer

Mike Lindberg

Mike Roach






Mike Verbout

Milena Malone

Musse Olol

Nick Caleb

Nick Fish

P. Sydney Herbert

Pamela Lam

Pat Dennis

Paul Steinberg

Philip Wikelund

Pooja Bhatt

Ray Roche

Regna Merritt

Rita Charlesworth

Robert Wilson

Robin Spear

Rochelle L. Silver, Ph.D.

Rod Monroe

Sam Adams

Sarah McKenzie

Sarah Studenmund

Sharon Meieran, M.D.

Shawn Binder

Sonia Montalbano

Stephanie Vardavas

Stephen Marc Beaudoin

Steve Spear

Storm Large

Sunshine Dixon

Suzanne Dennis

Sybilla Cook

Ted Wheeler

Terri Preeg Riggsby

Tim Askin

Tim Hall

Timothy Tso

Thomas Karwaki

Thomas Lauderdale

Tim Crail

Tina Kotek

Tom Stacey

Tyler Dodge

Valerie Hunter

Wayne Hooke

Willie Levenson

Wynde Dyer