Contribute to Amanda’s 2016 Campaign

This is Campaign Manager Terri Preeg Riggsby, authoring this page of Amanda’s 2016 web site.  Amanda will gratefully accept donations of up to $500 per person. As in all her previous campaigns, she does not accept money from corporations, unions, Political Action Committees. or any other entity that is not an individual human being.  Amanda is a different kind of politician serving Portland.  She was first elected using Public Campaign Financing, and she remains committed to serving all Portland’s taxpayers.

Because Amanda works full-time as your City Commissioner, she will not be making fundraising calls.  While Amanda’s supporters may contact you to ask for a donation, her success in this campaign relies on Portlanders who understand what she contributes on the Council, and step up to promote her re-election.  She hopes you will want to volunteer to help her campaign, for the long term public good.  If you are willing to make fundraising calls on Amanda’s behalf, please email to join our fundraising team.

Can you help, please?

Oregon law allows a tax credit (not a deduction – you get the whole $50 back) of up to $50/person/year ($100/couple/year) for qualifying political donations such as this one, for most taxpayers.  Donate by credit card or Paypal here:

Employer’s Name, City & State

Contribute by mail: This option provides the most help to fund Amanda’s re-election, because then there are no Paypal or credit card charges.  So please mail checks, if you make sure you get your check in the mail! Send check noting occupation and employer city & state (required by state law) to:

Friends of Amanda Fritz
PO Box 80494
Portland, OR 97280

Whether or not  you are able to donate money, you can also help promote Amanda’s re-election by volunteering your time and talents.  Please email Amanda for Portland 2016 Campaign Manager, Terri Preeg Riggsby, at to volunteer.

We have many volunteer opportunities, and every task and each volunteer is essential to our success.

Want to get some more exercise? How about walking your neighborhood and knocking on your neighbors’ doors to share information about why Amanda is the best choice for City Council?

Do you enjoy socializing with your friends, neighbors, family, and coworkers? How about hosting a house party gathering to introduce Amanda?

Maybe you have some extra time and could make phone calls, stuff envelopes, or deliver yard signs for the campaign?

Please let me know if any of these interest you or if you have other creative ideas to make our campaign a success and keep Our Voice in City Hall!