My Record

Some of the key initiatives I have led since being re-elected in November 2012:

  • Establishing the independent City Budget Office, which has brought new transparency and accountability to the process of spending taxpayers’ money – resulting in better analysis, and more inclusive and careful decisions.
  • Passing Binding City Policy directing half of all money left at the end of the fiscal year, and half of any additional revenue over what is needed for ongoing staffing and programs, to be dedicated to infrastructure maintenance in Transportation, Parks, and Emergency Management. This policy resulted in millions of dollars being allocated to basic maintenance in the 2015-16 City Budget. We must take care of current assets, before we spend scarce resources on new projects.
  • Adopting the Portland Earned Sick Time code, which led to statewide enactment of earned time off for preventative and urgent health care needs. Nobody should have to choose between staying home with the flu, or going to work sick for fear of losing their job. Business and job growth in Portland continued to exceed that of the surrounding jurisdictions after the Council passed our ordinance in 2013. Healthy workers are more productive, and happier.  In 2015, I led the Council in passing Paid Parental Leave for City workers, for new moms and dads undergoing births, adoptions, and foster care responsibilities.
  • The successful campaign for the Fix Our Parks bond measure, which voters approved with a record 74% of ballots cast. It will provide much-needed funds to repair aging infrastructure in Portland’s 200+ parks, without raising property tax rates. I recognize that housing costs are a huge problem, both for renters and homeowners, and asked voters to make this investment without increasing the tax burden.

I have sponsored multiple successful social justice and environmental protection initiatives, including:

  • Protection of bees and other pollinators by banning use of dangerous insecticides on City property;
  • Discouraging fossil fuel transportation through Portland’s neighborhoods;
  • Protection of West Hayden Island;
  • Promoting smoke-free public parks;
  • Requiring services for people experiencing disabilities;
  • Guiding the City’s implementation of legal recreational marijuana sales while protecting medical users and neighborhoods

….and more.  Please see the News page of this web site for more information and updates.  I am planning to implement an ambitious agenda to further causes Portlanders care about in 2016, and beyond if you help me win re-election.

Since 2012, I have been honored by several rare and cherished accolades, including:

  • Oregon League of Minority Voters Civil Rights Champion Award
  • Friends of Trees Individual Community Partner Award
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness New Freedom Award
  • The Mother PAC Changemakers Award

….. and many other acknowledgments of my dedication to serving all Portlanders.  You are welcome to visit my office in City Hall, to view all the honors community groups have bestowed on me, and to tell me what you care about most.  I reserve two half hours each week for any Portlander to come in to talk to me about anything.  I am very grateful so many wonderful people and organizations appreciate my work.