“A good compromise, in the end, from someone whose views don’t change with the political season.”  – Oregonian Editorial Board, 10/02/15

These are some media articles on my actions as your Commissioner:

Funding for basic services:

Passing the Fix Our Parks bond measure, with no increase in tax rates for property owners:

Protecting bees and other pollinators from harmful chemicals:

Speaking out on issues important to Portlanders:

Paid Sick Time for all Oregonians:

Paid Parental Leave for both men and women:

Taking action on climate disruption, pollution, and community safety with regard to oil, coal, and other fossil fuels:

Independence and leadership grounded in community values:

Promoting health and community enjoyment of public spaces, by discouraging smoking in Portland’s parks:

Respecting our heritage and promoting correction of past wrongs:

Protecting our natural environment, and the green infrastructure that makes Oregon special and functional:

Promoting equity in underserved and historically disadvantaged communities such as East Portland:

Focusing on basic services such as sidewalks: